2013 New Year Resolutions in Review (Personal Entry)

Examples of my progress towards reaching the resolutions I wrote on January 1, 2013:

1. Cleaning my life

  • redecorated my condo with more color and life (I believe a clean space equals a clean mind and that we need change for growth)
  • traded in my car
  • getting my finances organized (WORK IN PROGRESS)
  • not putting difficult things off (WORK IN PROGRESS)
  • creating a new philosophy that focuses on three things (1. consume, 2. organize, 3. practice)

2. “Never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life”

  • completed two tennis leagues and getting back in the habit of attending clinic twice a week (benefits of a healthy happy life: 1. strength equals self-sufficiency, 2. fitness opens doors, 3. exercise is a lifestyle not an event, 4. endorphins help you cope, 5. working out signals hard-working, 6. if you feel beautiful you look beautiful, 6. see nature’s beauty all around you, 7. little eyes are always watching)
  • spending time with those most important to me including Janet and Simon’s wedding, trip to St.Louis to see Melissa and Diana, trip to L.A. to spend time with Lauryn and Natassia’s wedding where I also got to hang out with Haji and Brian.
  • seeking inspiration in those who have a better grasp on how to live, including talking with/sharing with/believing in Harris, Billy, Yutack and Erik
  • exploring and discovering who I am and who I want to be (“Be the person you want to meet.”). On my trip to see Melissa and Diana in St. Louis, Diana was also planning to “casually” match make me with this very kind, hard-working, loyal southern guy named Cory. She not only tried to sell him to me prior to my visit but obviously also told him about me.  After the surprise date part of my trip we went back to the Harintho house and Diana so adorably started selling me a little more.  Don’t worry it was in the most charming way possible (super obvious and super humorous like that really fun and embarrassing Asian aunt you may have or heard of).  Note: This is why we all love Diana.  Anyways after the fact I found it insightful that her and Melissa thought of me/ described me in a way I never thought of myself: artsy, musical and great with children hahaha…  I never thought of myself as artsy and actually during this whole ridiculous and funny interaction I said they were really exaggerating and overselling me. My only connection to these descriptors were I knew I was drawn towards people with these traits, especially artistic people.  I just thought of myself almost like a groupie with the same spirit and passion as Penny Lane had for music in Almost Famous.  It was interesting to see how the close people in my life saw me.  It made me realize I admire these traits and if people saw me this way (even in the slightest sense) why couldn’t I be this.
  • hanging out with friends (in Vegas) more like Brandy, Paul and Greg. I would also like to count the dates I’ve gone on with five different cool interesting different guys this year. (WORK IN PROGRESS I wish I hung out with Carolyn more and the big Poker/Caesars Analyst group more who are such cool smart witty people who so so openly let me into their fun circle)
  • reading more from Indian authors to design books to commerce books to graphic novels and comic books.

I feel my important (to me) accomplishment this year is how I am (a little) more calm in stressful situations.  I can think of the steps to resolve issues at work which allows me to support my amazingly talented and good hearted Team (Brandy, Danny and my boss/mentor Jeff).