1. Movement is Key – Bullets were in 10 year ago (look at motion design, Prezi or embedded video. Bullets < Stock Photos < Video < ???
  2. Long Live Content Marketing – Creating and curating your own content in order to change or enhance a consumer behavior.  Making online presos a destination to build a platform, improve ranking and capture leads.
  3. Social is Everything – Screaming for more interaction during presentations. Don’t want to be talked to, I want to talk back (and through social apps).
  4. More Intimacy – Tablet > Laptop > PC. Presentations = Intimate Experiences with No Walls, No Barriers, Just Open Converstions #simple #intimate #effective
  5. See You Online – online presos will take over the World! Benefits = less travel time + less lodging and fewer food expenses + less back & forth #winwin