I heard the door to heaven is smaller than what we imagined. That many will be surprised when they arrive and find out they will not be able to fit through. The advice was then to make sure our egos, un-kind thoughts and selfish deeds fit into the smallest suitcase possible. We are only cheating ourselves.

After hanging out with a very kind / giving friend this weekend I realized how selfish I am (in comparison to my peers and in relation to the type of person I look up to). Giving parents, a strong tie to my culture / history and a handful of selfless friends can only help me out so much.

Since I believe one’s thoughts reveal one’s character and since I want to be in more control of my thoughts (before it’s too late) I did an interesting exercise I once learned in a Buddhist lesson. I wrote down (or you can record) every unkind thought I had today. I had way more than I imagined and had reoccurring themes:

1. Thinking I’m better than someone else (less shallow, better at something)
2. Judging someone I’ve never spoken to or met (and to a woman which is the worst)
3. Thinking how someone can help me in one way or another
4. Assuming I understand another individual and how they should live their life
5. Doing stuff for attention or fame