A Note of purely inside jokes that I wrote to my friend Tristyn tonight. She is high school and life in South Jersey.


So I was in my local grocery store casually browsing aisles and couldn’t help placing five very random items into my basket. It just felt like home, good times and friendship…

First was the Bagel aisle, I danced down this one.

Second was the greeting card aisle, cards were cool but not THAT cool or as amazing as the ones made from scratch by good friends and their supremely crafty moms.

Third was the hair dye aisle, cause that’s what friends do when they’re bored at night right?

Fourth was the fruit aisle where I saw a yellow submarine, yes a YELLOW SUBMARINE… in the middle of the bananas…

Fifth was the lunch bag aisle, cause I walk to school. :)

Lastly I saw some spinach dip but said I don’t need any cause I have an endless supply… in my heart. 😉

Please think of me, as I think of you, whenever you go grocery shopping.