Tonight I got back to Vegas from my trip with Lauryn. While she took a nap after our morning drive home I finished the book Leviathan

Dad picked me up and then I went to dinner with my him and mom. At dinner I thought of two funny cellphone stories about my mom. First was the time she texted me that I forgot my cellphone. Second was the time we were discussing calling agents for lockbox codes when we forgot our key. She had said to just call the agent and say your cell phone was dead.
My parents also just bought a condo and we were talking about how they had split the cost 50/50. Then my mom added that she bought the furniture. Then my dad added that he paid for the interior alterations. Then mom added she didn’t get the real estate agent commissions. Then dad added he was the better negotiator.
Last but not least I got to see Garner tonight. We hung out and then decided to walk to the grocery store to get a snack. I ended up buying a week’s worth of groceries which I thought we wouldn’t be able to carry back to my condo. 
Afterwards I read him a short story called Bullfighting by Roddy Doyle which had reminded me of him and his group of guy friends. He read a short story to me called The Enormous Radio by John Cheever. It was about a couple who bought a radio that let them hear all the different apartments in their complex. The story was about how we all share the same problems as one another and are no better than one another. It was a great story and a great night.