3 Types of Data

1. Survey (stated)

2. Behavioral (observed)

3. Transactional (quantified)

“Big Data… What’s it mean? It’s simply matching and combining “structured data” (e.g. survey) with “unstructured data” (eg, website visit behavior)…

Do NOT only market to “profiles” and “personas” since they are by themselves ONLY static and structured data. Don’t think of our your audience as 5-15 types of user types… Instead market to consumers as INDIVIDUALS by mining their “behavioral data” to understand what is relevant to them NOW – in addition to their persona or profile.

Huh? Don’t put your purchase target in a ” persona box” – just because they entered our brand cycle as a ______ (a year ago) does NOT mean they are always just a _______… So if we know they just surfed a bunch of _______ pages on your site and engaged with _________ on your FB Page – THEN treat communicate with them about the latest relevant happenings on-property.” – JW