There was once a man of nearly ninety whose house faced a mountain. It was a great inconvenience whenever he wanted to go into town as he had to make a great detour. One day he decided to level the mountain with the help of his family. He would make trips with his son, his grandson and soon their widow neighbor’s son of seven or eight to dump buckets of rock and dirt into the sea. Each trip took several months. One day the wise man at the river bend said, “How stupid is this idea! You are old and weak. How can you dispose of so much earth and stone?” The Fool gave a long sign and said, “You are the dense one with not even the sense of the young widow’s son. Though I shall die, I shall leave behind my son, my son’s son and the many generations after that. Since these mountains can’t grow any larger. Who are you to say I cannot level these mountains.” Then the wise man had to say nothing.

photo credit to Artist Marcela Albuquerque: