Am I moving or am I standing still? What is my core value and am I doing anything about it? Questions that make me stop dead in my tracks.

Man am I lucky to have such creative and giving friends in my life. In honor of tonight’s Lunar Eclipse I would like call-out a couple of friends who have given me the confidence to express myself a bit more this past year… simply by being themselves doing their own thing: Harris (Mr. Down 2 Earth who always makes me look up), Yutack (who turns life into a scavenger hunt… with his own remix), Nicole (brewing ideas in her basement non-stop, no matter what others believe), Wonravee (the forever patient and inward, seeing the beauty in the simplest things).

I had dinner tonight with Nicole who is constantly creating things. Since she was a child and started her own detective agency (her first and only assignment being to find the missing snowman) she keeps thinking of new ideas and then puts them out into the world. “You have to give the universe stuff to grab onto” she said. “And you can’t take failure personally.”

I also just watched a preso Harris made and it made me reflect a bit, specifically I feel like I’m getting too comfortable with where I’m at when I want to move like him. He had some really good points that made me think a lot from catching up not being enough to how the skill of a business person is communication (and execution of almost anything for anyone else).

I recently heard in situations like what he spoke of that first people ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win. I haven’t even been ignored yet.