Today was my first day of being a free bird (arms flying high with optional “SQUAW SQUAW” cry). All the jobs I have had in my life thus far have been 9 to 5 and for the most part stationed at the desk for the majority of the day. 

This morning I woke up, later than I wanted because I was painting late last night, and met my mom at her office to write an offer for a client. I found myself at a coffee shop right before doing some quick google searches on how to write offers. I wanted to be prepared in terms of knowing the terminology and having questions ready. Also I wanted to make sure my mom was confident in my abilities. As you probably know yourself, it can be difficult to get you mom/your parents to see you as anything other than your child and teenage self.

While we went through the process of creating an offer I had to remember to remove my listening cap and put on my strategic thinking cap.  I didn’t take extensive notes to study later but rather tried to understand as fully as I could right then. I asked questions and made comments throughout to confirm my understanding.

As you would have guessed real estate definitely involves a good amount of math. I was thinking it would be nice if I got in the habit of doing some math/strategy excercises every morning to warm my brain up and stay sharp.  As background my mom is a CPA and worked at banks for a significant amount of years in her life. I remember her once saying that being a CPA has helped her stand out from other brokers.

After we created the offers she had to run and I ended up running into Mark and Lee. These two guys have been working at the company for around 15 years and it was so nice to see some familiar faces. Mark started immediately giving me a download of how things are with agents in the market right now. He was saying how agents are our customers and how we need to think from their perspective. He showed me the sites for other agencies in Vegas and talked about what they are doing right or what they have tried in the past. He gave great marketing ideas from Adwords to websites to direct mail targeting. Him and Lee were awesome.

Afterwards I drove to grab lunch and enjoyed my sandwich outside in the patio sitting area under the sun. It was such a great feeling to be out and about while the sun was out.

Then I needed to find a place to research more home for a client. I ended up at my parents house because they have a printer and free snacks. I was there for a few hours and then was out and previewing homes.

I found two homes I liked although they were farther than I wanted on Blue Diamond. The first was something I have only seen once before from our home in New Jersey. It was where the kitchen and main living room were upstairs. There was a master bedroom downstairs with its own living room and when you went upstairs the same. It was like two homes in one. For example it was as if you could rent out the bottom floor to a tenant and almost never see one another unless you wanted to. 

<upstairs kitchen / living room>

<downstairs living room and master with backyard>

I also found a nice condo with extremely high ceilings and wood floors.

Then Garner and I went to our weekly tennis lesson. Misha our coach gave us great tips on improving our forehand swings and serves and different drills to practice.  We ended up getting an extra 30 minutes and the court lights shut off while we were still serving.

Afterwards Garner and I had a mini study date. 

Today was a great day.