“Increase Traffic – tactics include advertising, positioning in search engine, public relations campaign, viral marketing, and encouraging customers to return.

Increase Merchandising – encourage your paying customers to spend more money per visit.  You can accomplish this in many ways: cross-selling, up-selling, evaluating your most effective price points and margins, providing extra services at discount, budnling products or services in “packages,” and stressing benefits rather than features.  Even something as basic as improving the quality of your copy – just rewording a phrase or including a keyword that appeals to your persona-can have a dramatic impact on your results.

Increase Conversion Rate – possible adjustments include removing unnecessary steps in the checkout process, clarifying scheme, or prominently displaying your privacy assurances and guarantees.  All these adjustments take into account the interrelationship between consumer buying behavior (consumer psychology and understanding the personas you’ve created) and the professional sales process.

To build a solid structure, you must first build a Web site that focuses on maximizing Conversion, then improve its Merchandising, and only then undertake to drive more traffic… the only way you can build a business to last like the Great Pyramids of Egypt.”