Never would I think going to an orthodontist appointment would spark such awe of good marketing practice. 

I went one early morning to Durango Orthodontics because my retainer (yes I wear a retainer when I go to bed) had a loose wire. 

Gosh darn was I impressed by how well they knew and marketed to their core target audience: kids! (I could truly appreciate this because I will forever be a kid at heart.) 


– mini wii room/area

– whole office is decked out like a movie theatre (playing HIT kids movies and movie posters throughout)

– T.V. screens mounted on the ceiling so you can only see them lying down when you are getting your teeth worked on (my friend was like man what a great idea for watching movies in your bed)

– arcade style prize booth (from glitter tattoos to that horrible book called Twilight)

– staff respect the doctor(s) so much and you can just feel it when they speak about them

– their site is bomba** with games and choose your own color bands, etc.:

#veryimpressed #marketing nerd