It Starts with Leadership

I currently volunteer as an Assistant Instructor at the United Studios of Self Defense.  I help organize Free Women’s Self Defense classes and assist with the teens and kids classes every week. I created the dojo website and manage the USSD Centennial Hills Facebook page as well.

karate kids

I have recently rediscovered my passion for martial arts in my early 30’s.  What I most love about martial arts is that it not only helps you continually improve yourself but you have the opportunity to give back to the martial arts community through your unique skill set. Here is a iPhone video I made of a belt test:

During my lunch breaks I like to make karate videos.

I am extremely thankful to martial arts and my instructors for all that they have taught me so far.  Karate came into my life at the exact time that I was looking for more fulfillment in my life and it has give me that and so much more.

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