It Starts with Leadership

Every morning I leave a motivational inspirational quote on the door of a local martial arts studio.  This is an example in which I want to make a small difference in the lives of the people around me.

At 31 years old I have recently rediscovered my passion for martial arts.  What I most love about martial arts is that it not only helps you continually improve yourself but you have the opportunity to give back to the martial arts community through your unique skill set.  I currently volunteer as an Assistant at the United Studios of Self Defense.  I help with the teens and kids classes four hours a week.

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Also I help with the studio’s social media and miscellaneous fun projects like redesigning the dojo space!

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Diane Sullivan High Kick in Tokyo

Check out this video from my first karate tournament!


“Tell me and I forget.  Teach me and I remember.  Involve me and I learn.” – Benjamin Franklin