A really cool thing about living in Las Vegas is being able to go to Red Rock whenever you want. I took a morning walk on my birthday before the Thanksgiving festivities started. I had no reception and I just took off, up a hill, down a path, then another and then another. I went about 45 minutes out into the rocks, sand and hills until I decided to head back to my car. As I was walking back I came across two different paths. I just made my best guess and kept going. My assumption was the paths somehow led back to the same place. As I was 20 minutes in I started seeing more paths and started to look around. I looked up and down my particular path and had the feeling that this was not the way I came. I was not sure if I was lost yet and I didn’t want to go back at this point. I thought it best to follow this path to the end to see if I was actually lost.

The feeling of being lost is an odd and thrilling one. I wouldn’t have minded getting lost if my whole afternoon was free but because I didn’t want to be late for Thanksgiving and I didn’t want anyone to worry when they couldn’t reach me, I felt kind of scared.

I kind of liked the new different feeling though, of getting lost.