If my life were a blank state / an empty container this is what I would put in it:

blank slate

To reach this I must be aware of how my tendency towards procrastination can get in the way.


  1. The long-term stress procrastination causes me versus the temporary pleasure.
  2. Ask myself does this coincide with the person I want to be.  Is this replacing time for the good work I could be doing?
  3. Take a tally every time I have an urge to check something  / to distract myself. Observe myself want to go from something hard to something familiar and easy.
  4. Realize I don’t need that comfort. I could be in discomfort and nothing bad would happen. Actually good things happen when I am discomfortable.

Inspired by the article You past experiences are blinding you by Jory MacKay, procrastination thoughts from Zen Habits and image inspiration from Paul Hughes of Ten Meters of Thinking.