How did successful people get to where they are today?

Chapter 1 Lessons:

1. Don’t ask what successful people are like, instead ask where they are from. It’s less about their personal qualities and individual merit, more about their culture/community and family/friends.

2. Success is a result of lucky breaks and accumulated advantages (often arbitrarily set by society).

3. Hard work is a prison sentence when it doesn’t have meaning. If we are lucky enough to use work as a tool to find meaning in our personal lives we should be set. Growing up seeing my dad and mom working early mornings/late nights/on weekends and realizing they were happy was a precious gift.

Next is Ch. 2, lessons on the famous 10,000 hour rule!

(Shout out to crazy haired Malcom Gladwell for making complex things way too simple and for making business books fun.)