A close friend emailed me an article on work-life balance from a woman in the medical field. It is time to define these things…

Who am I?

  • A hard worker to get ahead of people much smarter.
  • Someone who thinks ambition and a thirst to prove the World wrong are the best things to have and the worst not to have.
  • A people person who enjoys spending most free time in solitude.

Who do I want to evolve into?

  • A leader
  • Open-minded but with a passionate view
  • A role model and mentor
  • An avid reader
  • A small business owner who uses technology as she ages to blend work life/home 


  • Travel – learn from outside the box
  • Friends – making memories
  • Happiness – being able to be happy on my own
  • God – develop a relationship by learning more about him

Personal & Professional Limits

  • Read and spend time with yourself on the weekends.
  • Wake up two hours early for work (attack significant projects) and leave before dinner time.
  • “After all, very few of us with be remembered for our professional accomplishments.  It is far more likely that we will be remembered as someone’s daughter, son, mother, spouse or brother.”