It’s been a couple of weeks being in real estate. Here are some highlights:

1. I went to a vacant home and found a homeless man sleeping.

2. I went to a vacant home with the master bedroom locked and slippers outside the door. I learned from above.

3. I went to a home where a little girl asked me an inappropriate question.

4. I went to a home that made my heart beat fast. The owners were sketch.

5. I went to a home that inspired me to love big and be thankful.

6. I went to a home where the seller accidentally giggled at the conversation the buyers were having. Everyone started laughing together.

7. I heard about a stunning former dancer who had a builder as a father. She was always interested in his work and one day decided to become a home inspector. Although she dressed appropriately / safely for her job she once got locked in a bathroom by the owner. She was fine but it made her re-think some things.

8. I met the kindest (grandpa) inspector who built an inspection business with his wife. After 20 years in business they are still super successful using only word of mouth. When you listen to stories of when they first started out and then see where they are now you feel the world is a cool place.