I just got back from Taipei and I got to meet a new friend who started his own business making clothes out of coffee beans!

Like a true entrepreneur he has a mission for life and is determined to make a footprint in the world.  HIS latest mission is to take care of Mother Earth and he is acting on this mission with his eco-friendly clothing! His company is called 7AGE: http://www.7age.com/.  

As we were talking about business, he asked me good questions that got me thinking and shedded light on areas I need to work on.  He made me want to work hard to understand why I do things, what I want to do and to have the thirst to read more like he does. 


– Read one business book every two weeks (this is the secret to the quality of life I want to live and who I want to become)

– Blog about one book every two weeks (if you can’t articulate your learnings what is the point?)

– Quiz myself on basic questions of purpose (no robot, know why you do each move!)