I just lost tonight’s tennis match and afterwards I could tell the endorphins helped clear-up something that was on my mind.

As background I am known to be easily influenced by those close to me and I can get very “in the moment”.

This is okay when it brings open-mindedness and empathy to a situation but is not okay if I end up trading my own gut feeling / thoughts for someone else’s.

The right idea would be to build the ability to control getting in the moment and not. To be able to turn on the ability to take a step back and put myself outside any situation.

The conclusion is that sometimes… most of the time, things are more simple than they seem.

For example if I can just step outside and simply any busy thought to: I was there. They were there. This happened. This is what I can take from it. Now onto the thing and no looking back.

As the sayings go:
– You see the world not how it is but how you are.
– Live in the now.
– We learn the most when we lose.

Side-note: I really want to learn the “kill shot” in tennis. :)