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A man had a withered tree. “It’s unlucky to keep a withered tree,” said his neighbor. The first man then felled his tree and his neighbor asked for some of the wood as fuel. “The old man simply wanted some fuel,” thought the owner of the tree indignantly. “That’s why he told me to fell my tree. We are neighbors yet he tricks me in this way. That is too far.”

photo credit to Artist Brasser: http://www.saatchionline.com/art/Painting-Oil-Shelter/20391/1409298/view#

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The was once a man who wanted some gold. One morning he went to the market to purchase some. Arriving at the gold dealer’s stall, he seized a piece of gold and made off. The officer who caught him asked him, “Why did you steal gold infront of so many people?” “When I took the gold,” he answered, “I saw nobody. All I saw was the gold.”

photo credit Artist William Oxer: http://www.saatchionline.com/art/Painting-Acrylic-Temptation/1162/1379867/view

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A man who lost his axe suspected his neighbor’s son of stealing it. When he watched the way the young lad walked – exactly like a thief. He watched the boy’s expressions – it was that of a thief. He watched the way he talked – just like a thief. In short, all his gestures and actions proclaimed him guilty of the theft. But later the man found the axe himself when cleaning. After that when he saw the neighbor’s son, all the lad’s gestures and actions looked quite unlike those of a thief. 

photo credit Artist Asbjorn Lonvig: http://www.saatchionline.com/art/Digital-Drawing-3-Gangsters/4567/1356206/view

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There was once a man of nearly ninety whose house faced a mountain. It was a great inconvenience whenever he wanted to go into town as he had to make a great detour. One day he decided to level the mountain with the help of his family. He would make trips with his son, his grandson and soon their widow neighbor’s son of seven or eight to dump buckets of rock and dirt into the sea. Each trip took several months. One day the wise man at the river bend said, “How stupid is this idea! You are old and weak. How can you dispose of so much earth and stone?” The Fool gave a long sign and said, “You are the dense one with not even the sense of the young widow’s son. Though I shall die, I shall leave behind my son, my son’s son and the many generations after that. Since these mountains can’t grow any larger. Who are you to say I cannot level these mountains.” Then the wise man had to say nothing.

photo credit to Artist Marcela Albuquerque: http://www.saatchionline.com/art/Painting-Acrylic-Montanhas-cortadas-Cutted-mountains/201430/177225/view#

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Old Spice Guy

Phase ONE – share your video first and only to a closed loop group of key influencers. They will spread your message properly because the content you gave them is exclusive and you have treated them like VIP.  This is working smarter not harder because their reach, with the excitement of limited access, it is wider and less commercial than you distributing it to the masses.

Phase TWO – after your video is out to the masses make your video interactive, ex: Old Spice making video response messages to engaged celebrities, influencers and everyday fans. The purpose behind social media is to be real time and play off other peoples’ comments aka be interactive.


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malcom gladwellWhy do so many ugly shoes (hush puppies, uggs, crocs) get so popular and so quick? Because often when a group of hipsters decide to endorse a product the sales will accelerate over night from minimal to exponential. Similar to how outbreaks in diseases can be traced back to a small group of infectors, trends can be traced back to a handful of key influencers (what Gladwell calls connectors, mavens, salesmen).


The Law of the Few – a few key people are the ones who will influence the masses. Therefore if you are a marketer focus all efforts to a small group of influential people and your message will spread further than if you dumped it out to the masses at once.

The Stickiness Factor – compels the phenomenon to “stick” in the minds of the public and influence their behavior. Makes people want to pay close attention. This is usually because a major attribute of stickiness is the dramatic divergence from what most people believe and know. Examples from Sesame Street teaching literacy through the t.v. (unheard of!) to yes… skinny jeans.

The Power of Context – essentially saying it all depend on the particular circumstance. If someone throws a snowball at me it might be out of line but not in the context that I just threw one at them. Do you act the same at the opera as you do at a baseball game? 


Airwalk shoes which created a marketing campaign that honed in on several timely avatars of coolness like Tibetan Buddhism, pachuco gang culture and hipsters’ ironic embrace of preppy culture.  They were very successful as they combined this with having limited edition sneaks only sold in boutique shops and putting a more general sneaker in department stores. The main factor that led to their demise was they started providing all their distributors with the same line of shoes.

Gladwell says teenagers are wired to try on different personas, behaviors and to experiment during adolescence.  In addition those who like to emulate others are more likely to engage in dramatic easily romanticized behaviors, everything from smoking to suicide.  Gladwell even concludes that infrequent drug use should be expected as normal in teenagers and therefore benign behavior. 

He encourages us to use logic and reason to think outside the norms.  For example one who understands the logic behind the tipping point would see that a nurse with a tight budget who wants to raise awareness about breast cancer could enlist in the help of hair stylists.  As one can reason a hair salon is a place where people’s guards are let down and a lot of gossip, ideas and influence is exchanged.  This can be the tipping point.

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